By Cloé Caron

Easter is traditionally associated with renewal, resurrection, and rebirth. It’s a moment when we celebrate the possibility of starting anew, leaving behind old habits and ways of thinking. As leaders, we can draw inspiration from this symbolism to embrace change and revitalize our approach to leadership.

Renewal as a leader begins with introspection. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our current leadership practices, identify what’s working well, and what could be improved. This involves being honest with ourselves, acknowledging our weaknesses and areas for improvement, while also celebrating our strengths and accomplishments.

In an organizational context, this means:

  1. Engaging in a thorough assessment of corporate culture and our own role as leaders
  2. Having candid conversations with team members, conducting surveys on organizational climate
  3. Critically examining our management policies and practices

By fully understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our organization, we can start crafting a plan for positive change.

This also requires openness to new ideas and perspectives. We must be willing to challenge our beliefs and preconceived assumptions, actively listen to divergent opinions, and be ready to learn from those around us. By cultivating an open mind and embracing diversity of ideas, we can stimulate innovation and foster an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Taking Action

Once we’ve identified areas where we want to make changes, it’s time to take action. This may include:

  1. Implementing new policies and procedures
  2. Creating leadership development programs
  3. Organizing training sessions to enhance our team’s skills

Regardless of the steps we take, the key is to remain committed to the change process and encourage active participation from all members of our organization.

The Case of Ubisoft

This is exactly what Ubisoft did. The respect crisis at Ubisoft led the organization to ask: What do we need to do to create a safer and more welcoming environment with conditions that will allow women to fully contribute and thrive?

In a world where gender equality and inclusion are essential values, companies must constantly reassess their culture to ensure they reflect these principles. Ubisoft, aware of this need, undertook bold initiatives to reinvent its corporate culture and promote a more inclusive and egalitarian environment.

1. Training and Supporting Our Employees: An Essential Pillar

In this quest for a Culture 2.0, Ubisoft recognized the importance of providing specific programs to support women’s professional development. Catherine Lemyre‘s team, in particular, played a crucial role in this transformation, seeking innovative solutions and implementing concrete initiatives to promote gender equality within the company.

One of the key initiatives of this transformation was our women’s development program “Dare to Empower.” Based on five fundamental principles, this program allowed Ubisoft women to come together, share their experiences, and develop essential skills to tackle professional challenges.

Through our program, participants were able to explore difficult professional situations, gain confidence, and create a strong support network. These interactions not only strengthened women’s sense of belonging at Ubisoft but also contributed to a broader cultural transformation within the company.

2. A Systemic Approach

For Catherine and her team, cultural change is not limited to isolated initiatives but requires continuous and systemic commitment. By involving managers from the outset and focusing on a few key initiatives, they hope to create lasting cultural change within the company.

This ambitious program aims to provide women at Ubisoft with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed and thrive in their careers. By heavily investing in corporate culture and emphasizing women’s professional development, Ubisoft demonstrates its commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable work environment.

The “Dare to Empower” program represents much more than just a training initiative. It is a symbol of the company’s commitment to gender equality and inclusion, and a recognition of the unique value women bring to the video game industry. By offering this access to training and professional development, Ubisoft acknowledges the importance of creating equitable opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender.

3. For lasting cultural change

For Catherine and her team, the goal is clear: to create lasting cultural change that will benefit all women at Ubisoft and the entire organization. By engaging in this transformation process, they hope to pave the way for a more diverse, inclusive, and dynamic video game industry.

Moreover, Ubisoft continues to invest in its employees with the “Dare to Empower” program by training several hundred women over the next few months.

Ubisoft’s investment in the “Dare to Empower” program reflects its commitment to creating positive and lasting change in the video game industry. By providing professional development opportunities to women in the company, Ubisoft demonstrates its dedication to gender equality and inclusion while strengthening its corporate culture and its ability to innovate and thrive in an ever-evolving market.

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