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The membership is a complete toolbox filled with resources dedicated to leaders at all levels who wish to be inspired and inspiring, so they can emit, and be surrounded by, positivity. It’s for every professional, team manager, executive, stakeholder and human resource representative that wishes to strategically improve their leadership skills and approaches

The leadership toolbox

 Leadership development is a process that requires some work and a few useful tools.



Includes self-assessment of your strategic posture, leadership style, social style and more.


Includes activities to complete, templates to download and audio exercises to listen to.


Exclusive invitations to our coach-facilitated co-development groups, so you can benefit from the experience of others.


Includes capsules from our experts, webinar replays and podcasts.

And more!

Join the hundreds of leaders who have chosen to change their mindset in order to advance their team and their organization.

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By signing up, you will have access to a significant number of resources – articles, models, self-evaluations, baladosexercises – created by our experts and leadership coaches as well as numerous sporadic collaborators. 

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In addition to all our existing resources, updated content is added regularly to continuously offer you daily practical tools that you will be able to revisit – but this, only if you are a member. 

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By being a memberyou’ll receive exclusive invitations to our masterminds, webinars, Q&A’s with our coaches and much more.  

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Instead of looking up blog articles, balados and exercises on an annoying number of different platforms, simplify your life and busy schedule by finding everything you need, right here.