The 5Cs model

The model at the heart of the approach that has transformed hundreds of leaders and their teams.

Developed by Cloé Caron, PCC Coach, this 5-step model is a comprehensive approach to developing leaders and teams to drive their effectiveness.


At the centre, the Unique Strategic Contribution (USC)

A unique concept, the Unique Strategic Contribution (USC), is about directing one’s intention and attention to what is important, in order to have the influence one really wants to exert. This is the element you will need to focus your attention on to achieve the impact you want to have on your organization.

Connecting with Myself

As an essential first step towards contributing to their team’s dynamics, I ask leaders to look in the mirror, with kindness and compassion, and get to know themselves better.

Winning Conditions

At this stage we gain an awareness of the winning conditions we can implement to establish a climate of trust and lay the foundations for optimal ONE Team performance.


The third step allows for a coaching-oriented leadership style contributes to fostering a long-term strategic vision necessary for the success of any organization.

Team Contract

The fourth step is to develop your team contract. Once the “game” has begun, it is everyone’s responsibility to not “dodge the ball” and to give it their best! A team contract allows the team to combine individual and team commitments and to consciously commit to success.


The fifth and final step allows you to realize that managing with head, heart, and gut is to develop your ability to have real conversations—transforming your organizational culture into a culture of accountability, innovation, and success naturally follows.