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A practical guide to breathe new life into leaders and rally teams working from home or in hybrid mode.


The president of o2 coaching suggests that they train their teams to achieve the desired results rather than striving to take part in activities.


Despite how far we’ve come in terms of equality and inclusion, there are still many inequalities, especially when it comes to women’s equal economic opportunities.


And being a leader means wanting to move forward through these challenges, says Cloé Caron, president of o2 Coaching.


When we become a leader, the pebble we hold in our hands and represent forms a circle when we throw it in the water. A circle as big as our team.


Cloé Caron, founding president of o2Coaching, who has been receiving more calls and requests for coaching for seven months, also observes the ravages of uncertainty.

Woman of influence +

How do you know if you are in the expertise gap? You feel like you have to know all the answers, make most of the decisions, and attend lots of meetings.

Le Devoir

Overnight, hundreds of workers discovered telecommuting. In addition to having to manage the crisis situation, managers had to quickly learn how to supervise their teams remotely. But how do you keep your troops motivated?

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Woman of influence +

Struggling to demonstrate your value as a board member? Develop your preparedness for a crisis.

L'effet A

“What we have experienced in the last year is a tsunami. We transformed everything. It changed us all. It is crucial to take stock,” explained executive coach Cloé Caron, as part of the webConference.

World's Leaders

As president and founder of o2Coaching, a professional training and coaching company, Cloé Caron helps leaders, teams and managers reach their full potential.

Genium 360

Experienced coach, founding president of o2 Coaching, speaker and author, she has helped hundreds of leaders and their teams improve their strategic posture and team dynamics.

Insights Success

Driven by a passion to help, inspire and develop people, Cloé Caron has transformed the lives of many leaders and organizations thanks to her human approach to entrepreneurship.

Chambres de commerce et de l'industrie

The trophy was presented by the Member of Parliament for Mount-Royal-Outremont, Mr. Pierre Arcand, the company O2 Coaching (Cloé Caron).

Setting course for sustainable leadership

Leadership has undergone a major overhaul in recent years, with management styles moving towards authenticity and transparency. Recently, sustainable leadership has made its appearance. But what does it mean?

Being ambitious isn't careerist

Do you hesitate to define yourself as ambitious, even though you want a career where you can excel and be fulfilled? You’re not alone. For many women, having professional ambition is one thing, but proclaiming it is something else entirely.

Mobilizing employees through sustainable development

Adopting a sustainable development approach is not only good for the planet, it’s also a powerful tool for mobilizing employees and attracting talent.

Go Girls Go - Le monde au féminin

Dare to propel yourself with Cloé CARON! The crazy ambition to impact the lives of 5 million women around the world.