By Cloé Caron

For two years, with working remotely, many of us have developed what I call a “social laziness”. We are self-sufficient, even from the comfort of our own home. We have lost the reflex to make the effort required to socialize and “go out into the world”. Back in the presence of team meetings, we find ourselves faced with a real challenge to optimize our exchanges. How to re-create comfort and connection in such a movement? From a professional point of view, our team meetings surely represent the greatest opportunity to achieve this. Our references from the past, our ways of working before and our automatic pilot must be challenged.

In this context, I thought I would offer you my interview with Fabien Paquette, Head of Vaccines Canada/General Manager of Pfizer, which was recorded in the midst of a pandemic. What he shares with us is a fine example of leadership revisited. We explore together the consequences on our team of this ONE TEAM approach. And if Fabien was able to discuss team leadership and gain perspective on his daily life, in the midst of the race for vaccines, then everyone can do it – you can too, no matter your circumstances! Take these listening minutes to be inspired to be inspiring in the way you come together and align with your teams. We are specialists in supporting management committees and teams to create a stimulating, engaging and efficient team life! It is a privilege to support you in this important revolution redefining our world of work!