By Cloé Caron

Whether it is with friends, family or at work, it is always important to develop bonds of trust between us. I had the chance to chat with Xavier Mufraggi, the CEO of Young Presidents’ Organization who told me about his methods to obtain the best working environment possible. The intimacy of conversations and a good coaching methodology are necessary to improve exchanges between teams. Here are some good habits to adopt in order to achieve this:

1.Take “the second longer” with people, take the opportunity to ask “the one more question”

2.Connect more deeply with your peers with empathy and active listening;

3.Develop the ability to make decisions quickly, to think like my boss;

4.Say how you really feel: “What would I say or do if I weren’t afraid?”

If trust within a team is the greatest performance driver, how will you create that confidence within your own team today?