Time is money as goes the saying. Our time is valuable! In this age of multi social media, where we type, talk, watch and think at once, quality time truly is the most valuable commodity. How often do you stop and think? I mean, really think? How important is it to give ourselves time to think?

Many studies demonstrate the importance of putting aside specific time to regenerate our batteries, and especially those of our brain! Give your brain the oxygen it needs to continue to be productive! You will find more exercices to create more time to think in my book Empower your Team.

Here are 7 ways to create time (and be more productive):

  1. Invest in yourself everyday, first thing in the morning. Many of us start the day with looking at our phone, messages, Facebook, the news, etc. What if you just sat a couple of minutes to think – yes, simply think! Some have also integrated meditation and mindfulness – even better. If you have not integrated these practices into your life, don’t let that stop you! My suggestion is simply to stop, allow your mind to wonder and rejuvenate.
  2. One thing at a time. NO MULTITASKING! We know that multitasking doesn’t make you more efficient – it depletes you!
  3. Build-in recovery periods. Just like when you train your body, your brain needs recovery periods. People who engage in respite activities during workday recovery breaks have higher levels of positive affect (observable expression of emotion) after the breaks, a study led by John Trougakos at the University of Toronto found. Subjects who used the time for restorative activities-relaxing, social activities, napping – got the benefit, while those who used the time for chores-other tasks and errands-didn’t.
  4. Relax and breathe. Oxygen does calms the noise and clears your mind and therefore helps you increase your energy. Hence giving you the juice to move forward with desire and passion.
  5. Write (on paper). Our thinking process is influenced by the tools we use. Do not limit yourself by only using electronic devise to think. Be creative and let your mind wonder – write down, on a piece of paper, your ideas and thoughts and get surprised by where they will take you.
  6. Simplify and get organized. Get rid of the clutter – physical and mental – and organize time in your calendar to think. Make an appointment with yourself and meet your best self!
  7. Have fun. Our brain can be compared to children: it learns better and is more engaged when playing. Play and have fun – lots of if!

Take the 5-minutes test: how will I create time and greater productivity?

  1. How will I invest in myself every day?
  2. Which multitasking will I eliminate?
  3. What moments, everyday, will I put aside to recover?
  4. If I really breathed, what would it be like? (Go for it and breathe!)
  5. How much are my uncaptured ideas worth?
  6. Which period, during my week, will I choose to think – do only that – even for a few minutes? (Go ahead- make an appointment with yourself!)
  7. And if all this was just a game – how would I like to play?