By Cloé Caron, PCC, Certified Coach 

In this month of October 2021, always under the sign of adaptation for our managers, knowing how to navigate in a VUCA context makes perfect sense! More than ever, we must develop our resilience, this ability to overcome the collective commotion that we have been experiencing for the past 18 months, in order to regain our balance. 

Thinking about this challenge, I believe it is essential that we go from functional resilience to growth resilience. Let me explain! Functional resilience has allowed us to deal with working remotely, and to move forward with a new way of working imposed by the pandemic. We did what we used to do before, our team meetings, our work, our projects, as if we were in the office, but with a new tool, the videoconferencing. We are making progress without being fully satisfied. Growth resilience is deeper. It appears when we “really accept things as they are”, without any restraint. For example, this resilience will allow me to transcend my doubts, my frustrations and my feeling of lack of human relationships when working remotely. It will allow me to be at peace with the situation and become creative in finding ways to connect and work with people who nurture me, in ways that didn’t exist before. Growth resilience allows me to make choices, to learn and to see the situation from a fresh perspective.

I invite us, collectively, to develop our growth resilience.