By Cloé Caron, PCC, certified coach

I wrote this blog at the beginning of January. Usually, I write it in December – either right before or right after Christmas with the smell of cinnamon still in the air and the fire cracking. This year, I did not – I could not. I needed to take a break altogether – to rest and give myself space, hoping that after this break I would regain my energy for my work, for life, for me!  I felt like I had done enough stacking of one emotional/professional/personal adjustment after another since the beginning of the pandemic.

And so I did not work for a full 3 weeks. I needed to get unstacked. I have no other way to describe it – all the emotional adjustments I had to do, like all of us, since March 13th 2020 (which is my birthday and I now will always remember the pandemic being associated to it 🙁), were being stacked over the last 2 years and I now needed to get them unstacked!

 What did I do during those 3 weeks? Like most of you – not much 😊 !  I decided I would rest. So I walked, I slept 8 hours night (which for any 47 woman seems like a miracle), I played and cooked with my kids, laughed with my husband and spent quality time doing nothing – just being! And that reminded me that nothingness is so key to not only recharge but to being able to truly give birth to new energy. I also read, listened to podcasts and focused on my own growth and development. As a coach, a leader, a business owner and a mom, I’m always focused on other people. I need to connect with myself. Inward. Look at myself, who I am, what I do, what I want to do. After reconnecting with myself, my family and focus on my own growth, I started to feel unstacked. As if the physical tension I was holding in my body and in my heart for the past 2 years was starting to get unstacked.

 And I know how much we all need to get unstacked and connect with ourselves at a deeper level. And that connection can only happen when we are open and ready. Ready to stop and reconnect with the realness of ourselves. As leaders, don’t miss this opportunity that this challenge we are all in represents to connect with yourself and to create the environment we all crave for.

 We can all make a difference in our people’s despair, anguish and hopelessness. What if, in 2022, you could really connect with yourself to grow and develop in order to create an environment where people feel Empowered – Inpowered? A place where they can be human beings and get unstacked?

 In my book, Empower your Team, I talk about the I’M OK-U OK framework that helps us get back into our empathy which opens us up to the other, to hear their story and to really listen and connect. That is the beginning… for our connections. This is what I call being present, listen and being a Leader-coach!

Don’t waste time – connect at a deeper level, be a leader-coach and Empower your Team so they can unstack!! To learn more about how to grow and develop with o2Coaching, please visit our website:

 I hope we will connect, truly connect, very soon!!!